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You can find information here, quickly and efficiently, on products and services that have been certified by ECARF
for allergy friendliness. The ECARF Seal is issued as part of the work of the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF).

Here you can find more information on criteria and certification

Facts about the ECARF Seal of Quality

  • The ECARF Seal of Quality has been awarded to allergy-friendly products and services since 2006. Seal holders include consumer goods such as cosmetics, washing and cleaning products, textiles, home appliances, and services, such as those offered by hotels and restaurants.
  • The certified products and services are suitable for people with allergies such as hay fever, dust mite allergies, food allergies, intolerances such as lactose intolerance, contact allergies and much more.
  • They offer a special advantage by simplifying the everyday lives of allergy sufferers.
  • Certified products are similarly priced to comparable products or services for people without allergies.
  • The Seal was developed by the ECARF Foundation in close collaboration with experts from various fields. Available in over ten languages, it stands for certified quality and the active support of consumers faced with allergy-related decisions.
  • The Seal is awarded as a voluntary service provided by the ECARF Foundation and is granted upon fulfilment of specific quality requirements.
  • An independent scientific advisory board appointed by the Foundation establishes the necessary evaluation criteria from a scientific perspective.
  • In accordance with the non-profit goals of the ECARF Foundation, there is no license fee for using the Seal.